Having money problems?
Are you constantly being hassled by debt collectors and aren’t meeting your monthly payments? By choosing T & C Properties we can purchase your property quickly giving you the money that you need to satisfy your creditors and allow you to move on with your life.

Being repossessed?
If you are behind with mortgage payments and are constantly being hassled by your provider, we can purchase your property from you and make sure that your house is not repossessed. So if you need to sell your house quick contact us today.

Want to sell your property quickly?
Do you want a fast house sale but are afraid that you will get a lot less than what you paid out? We can offer you a very appealing amount of money for your property that wont set you back and do this as quickly as possible, no hassle to you.

Are you relocating?
Do you need to Sell your house fast because you are moving but you are not being offered what you want? We can purchase your property from you for what you want in a quick and hassle free way in a matter of weeks.

Are you getting divorced?
Divorces aren’t a happy-ever after affair and the legal battles behind it are an even bigger struggle. We can purchase your property quickly and efficiently and split the assets between the two parties.

Ill health or bereavement?
Do you need to sell your property due to ill health or bereavement? We can do this for you and purchase it at a price that is suitable to you, which leaves you hands off in your time of stress.

Are You in Negative Equity
Would you like to sell your property but are in negative equity and don’t want to lose the money. We can use a system that allows us to purchase your property for what it is worth, making sure you don’t lose money on your property.

Whatever your situation T & C Properties can offer you a solution. We appreciate and understand that none of these situations are applicable to you but if you are still interested in selling your property QUICKLY and PROFITABLY we can help.

Call us on 0800 954 1941 for more details or to have a confidential chat with someone.

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